Email Access Online

This website provides general information about free email that is independent from your independent from your internet provider. Yes, when you sign up for internet service you are automatically given an email address as part of the package. The problem with this type of email is that if and when you change internet companies, you lose access to your email address. What happens to everything that is connected to it? It's gone and you have to start over.

The same thing happens if you have a website with hosting - if you decide you don't want that site any more, or change domain names, you lose the email address (unless you pay them a fee to keep the email active).

By using what is called a “permanent email address” that is provided by a company that is separate from either your internet or your web hosting, you have an email address that goes with you. No more worrying about having to make sure that everyone you know, all your important accounts and all your online groups have your new email address.

A quick overview of some of the more well known, free email providers:


Gmail is the free email service offered by Google. Gmail is part of Google's suite of applications and users receive 15GB of storage that is shared with Google Drive and Google Photos so it is very likely that you won't ever have to delete emails to save space. When you register for a Gmail email account, you can customize how the access page looks with either one of their built in themes, an image from their collection or you can choose a photo of your own.


Launched in 1996 Hotmail (also known as Windows Live Hotmail) was the first free internet based email service. In 2012 Hotmail was renamed and it still remains one of the top free webmail providers.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! Mail is a free email service provided by one of the big dogs of the internet, Yahoo! Sometimes just called Y Mail, your email account comes with 1 TB of free mail storage. Yahoo Mail is easy to use and allows for access to multiple Yahoo accounts with instant email notifications. Your Yahoo! Mail inbox can be opened on computers through any browser or on your mobile devices using the Yahoo Mail App for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.